Running a veterinary practice is like running a series of marathons! Your success depends on the right preparation, the right mindset and the right pace. You’ll need to stay motivated and energised to achieve your ambition even if the road seems long. But with the right support you can get fitter and stronger with every race.

Ready Vet-Set Go is run by Jenny Guyat, Veterinary Business Coach for Local Vets. Jenny will help you to develop the veterinary business you’ve always wanted! By working in partnership with you to understand what you want from your practice, Jenny can help you deliver it. Jenny is a former general practice and ECC vet, personal growth coach, mentor, entrepreneur and BSAVA Regional speaker as well as a certified HBDI psychometric profiling practitioner.

Veterinary Business Coach



    Only embark upon training for your marathon once you understand what you’re going to need to do to run it!

    – Understanding your fitness levels

    – Check your health

    – Uncover any injuries

    Gather some basic information about your business and its performance, chat it through with Jenny should you need, and sit down for around 2 to 2.5 hours with Jenny in your practice to really understand what your business needs in order to succeed.


    This is your training toolkit to help you hit the road with the skills you need.

    Running a business marathon is tiring and you won’t see instant results! Get yourself in a place where change and challenge won’t overwhelm you and get in control of the energy you’ll need for success.

    – Find your time and energy

    – Plan your starting point

    – Set your destination

    Using the world renowned HBDI® Assessment, we ensure you develop the insights you need about how you process information, learn, makes decision, solve problems and communicate. The way you approach your business marathon should be unique to you and with insight into your motivators and strengths.

    Now you’re ready to create the plan which will drive your business success. Feel empowered, get addicted to the challenge and put in place the clear and measurable objectives you’ll need to cross the finish line of your business marathon.

  • GO!

    This is where your hard work in training really pays off. You’re ready to hit the start line and make some real progress in your business. You’ve now got 9 months to complete your first business marathon so pace yourself in order to see the changes you desire. You’re not alone because Jenny is right alongside you making sure you use your training and stick to your race strategy.

    – Implement your race strategy

    – Keep the pace

    – Get support along the way

    You’re going to need to commit to some hard work to get you over the finish line of business success. But it’s crucial that you don’t run your marathon without support. Jenny will help you set your objectives and catch up with you every month by phone or Skype to discuss your progress. In months 6, 9 and 12 you will meet with Jenny for up to two hours each time to ensure you remain on course.


    Finishing your first marathon is really just the start! Enter your next race and we’ll reassess your fitness and keep you motivated for your next success!

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