About Local Vets.

Local Vets helps independent vets build healthier businesses for happier lives! But why?

Local Vets was founded by Matthew Dunne, a commercial solicitor. So what do lawyers know about developing successful veterinary practices? For a start, law firms aren’t as different to vets as you might imagine! They don’t have any patients to worry about, but keeping clients happy is their number one priority. Vets who focus on client care and not just patient care are those that have the greatest success.

But none of this explains what a lawyer is doing running Local Vets! Perhaps it has something to do with Sara Dunne being a vet and the menagerie of dogs, cats and ducks which they keep! Matthew saw first-hand the challenge independent vets have in providing exemplary patient care alongside sustained business growth. Whilst the two go hand-in-hand, one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other. Local Vets is here to help independent veterinary practices deliver the best outcomes for their clients, their teams, and themselves.

Your practice deserves to succeed and Local Vets can make that happen.

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